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15 Things To Love About The South

The people

Southerners are a class of their own. You won’t find friendlier or more helpful people anywhere, even to complete strangers. They are fun loving and good-natured, and fiercely loyal to the people and things they love.

The climate

There’s a reason no one retires and moves up North. While we may have some hot and humid summers, the rest of the year is beautiful, allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors, even in the dead of winter. And when it does snow down here, cities shut down and everyone gets a snow day.

The landscape

From forests to rivers and lakes, and mountains to beaches, the South has something for everyone. You can find pastoral farmland growing peaches and cotton or a metropolitan hub bursting with bright city lights and tall buildings that touch the sky in Atlanta.

The architecture

Grand and stately columns. Deep front porches. Greek Revival and Federal style buildings line the streets where the antebellum architecture lends a timeless elegance to the South.

The language

Drawls and all, y’all. Southerners have a language that’s all their own, from colorful phrases that ensue hilarity to the melodious ways they say them. Whether it’s the double meaning of “bless your heart” or any number of the other common Southern colloquialisms down here.

The hospitality

Southern hospitality is famous worldwide. They are some of the most gracious, welcoming people you will ever meet. Whether you’re lost and need directions, or are having car trouble in a parking lot, Southerners are always happy to help.

The traditions

Southern traditions include saying “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am,” greeting people you know with a warm hug, and asking about their family.

College football

The SEC is holy, game days are holy, and thou shall not plan a wedding on a game day. Football is way more than just a sport around here, it’s its own religion in the South. Tailgating at the football games and wearing your team colors is as much a part of life as breathing down here.

The style

Lilly Pulitzer, Sperrys, monograms on everything, camo, khaki pants, sundresses, cowboy boots, and pearls. Need we say more? Southerners have a style that effortlessly blends class and country.

The food

Pecan pie, sweet potato casserole, collard greens, fried chicken, grits, and biscuits and gravy are just some of the many Southern dishes you’ll find at the table. And if you want to know if something can be fried, the answer is YES. From fried pickles to fried Twinkies, Southerners are nothing short of inventive when it comes to food.

Sweet tea

There is only one way to drink tea in the South. Southerners drink sweet tea by the gallon and the pitcher. Sweet tea pairs well with anything and is the perfect drink to sit out on the front porch with and catch up with friends.

The lifestyle

Life moves at a slower pace in the South. Southerners know how to make the most out of life and to stop and smell the roses, honeysuckle, and magnolias.

The beaches

The South has some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find anywhere, from the Atlantic side to the Gulf of Mexico. Beautiful white sand and shimmering turquoise water will make you think you’ve stumbled upon a tropical paradise.

The history

The South is packed with history and whether you’re a Civil War buff, or just want to go on a great ghost tour, there’s something for everyone here.

The serenity

Rocking chairs and front porch swings are a way of life in the South. There’s just an inexplicable tranquility that hangs over it, much like the humidity. It’s easy going, peaceful, and calm here, and it makes for a great place to visit, but an even better place to live.

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