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Old Town Named Southern Living’s 2016 Community Of The Year

Old Town was recently named as Southern Living’s 2016 Community of the Year, and we could not be more thrilled! Southern Living Inspired Communities are renowned for their stunning architecture and blending modern convenience with classic Southern charm. Each Southern Living Community brings a wealth of elegance and style to its neighborhood, and Old Town is no exception. Old Town exemplifies the traditional beauty and authentic character of Southern Living.

From the moment you pass the stone pillars that mark the entrance as you drive into Old Town you’re greeted with an idyllic view that harmonizes the stately homes with the natural beauty of the landscape that surrounds them. Unlike other developments, Old Town was built in cooperation with the natural character of the land, instead of being completely gutted and graded. This means that young pine trees line the drive; large, aged oaks are still standing tall, and rocks and gentle slopes have all been preserved as part of a continual process to make it an old-style town. Old Town immediately evokes a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for a simpler time. It is more than just a development and a neighborhood; it’s a lifestyle.

Here at Old Town, you’ll find historic looking homes with large wrap-around porches that welcome friends, neighbors and families home. Details like antique-style gas lanterns, exposed wooden beams and crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings, mixing a gorgeous rustic, yet refined style, unique to the South.

Old Town possesses an identity and character all its own, giving all who visit and live here a strong sense of place. With pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, residents can walk to the shared green space, town hall, or visit the many other recreational areas at Old Town. The village-like atmosphere fosters an incredibly strong sense of community. Old Town was designed to encourage a social environment, where residents can sit out on their front porch and visit with their neighbors.

Old Town blends both residential and commercial uses and seamlessly integrates them to form a neighborhood that embodies the spirit of the South. Residents are able to live, work, shop, dine, and play, all in Old Town. With 60 acres of premier office and custom retail spaces available for lease, Old Town is attracting a wide variety of small businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, a salon, clinic and more. Homeowners can leave their front porch and walk to work, lunch, or to their favorite shop, never having to leave the comfort of Old Town.

Across the South, there are 17 Southern Living Inspired Communities. All of which display the timeless design, authentic character and partnership with nature that the Southern Living brand is known for. They are truly gems, and Old Town is the crown jewel of them. As the 2016 Southern Living Inspired Community of the Year, Old Town has been recognized as the best of the best. At Old Town, you’ll find a lifestyle that’s uncommon to all but those who live here. We hope you’ll come visit us and discover all of the Southern charm, taste and spirit that define the Southern Living lifestyle. Life is here at Old Town, and we’re enjoying it!

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