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Our newest phase of Townhomes are under construction! Each home comes with custom cabinetry, stainless appliances, gas range and so much more! The attention to detail will amaze you. 

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8217 Remey Drive

8210 Lallarook Drive

8208 Remey Drive

Old Town Testimonials

Think of your favorite childhood neighborhood and the things that made it so; nearby playgrounds, walking distance to favorite shops, front porch swings, neighbors who are your friends, cookouts at the community pavilion, tree lined streets....I've found my favorite neighborhood again....all those features and more at Old Town of Columbus.

Sylvette Walsh


We bought into the Old Town concept before any building was erected.  We wanted our home to be a destination.  A place that gives us no reason to want to leave. 
We envisioned a dog friendly neighborhood where we could walk to restaurants, hang out at the pool and socialize with our neighbors.  Old Town is that place.

Todd King


We enjoy the sense of "well-being" and "community"  we found in Old Town. We feel safe here.   Our neighbors are all about "inclusion" and friendliness.  We love sitting on the porch, waving when people walk by.   Neighbors have a safe place to walk dogs, and children have designated play areas.  Having our yard maintained and flowers planted during the year was important to us. The living is easy and people genuinely care.  I am Happy to be a Resident of Old Town.  

 Ann Boles

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