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National Plant a Flower Day

planting spring flowers

Spring is just days away and what better way to celebrate its arrival than with National Plant a Flower Day?! Grab your gloves, your planting pots, and let’s go through this easy to follow planting guide!

Step 1

Decisions, Decisions - choosing your favorite flowers may be the hardest part! Spring welcomes bright colors, cheery blooms, and sweet scents. We have great local plant shops that can assist in the selection, but the main thing is to choose plants that work well together. You wouldn't want to mix a sun-loving flower with a plant that only thrives with indirect light. Make sure you have a container big enough to hold the plant and allows for plenty of room for the roots to grow.

Step 2

Fill your container with enough potting soil to cover all the roots. Next, lightly pack the soil around the base of your flower to give it good support. If you're planting more than one flower in your container make sure there is enough space between each flower for the roots to spread and the flowers to grow.

Step 3

Moisten the soil - but don't over water! A good way to make sure your plant is getting enough moisture without risking overwatering is to use a spray bottle and just give it a few quick sprays.

Step 4

Place your potted flowers in a sunny or partially shady spot depending on its sun requirements. Now, sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature and blooming of spring.

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