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Top 10 Game Day Football Snacks

In the South we have five seasons. That's right, FIVE. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and...Football! To say we get a little excited about football season is an understatement. From the homecoming games, to the tailgating, to the house divided rivalries ( Alabama vs. Auburn anyone?) we take our football VERY seriously. So it's only fair that we take those game day snacks just a seriously! Because let's be honest, you can't have a good football party for those big rivalry games without some AMAZING football food to keep everyone happy no matter who wins. So here we go, our TOP 10 Game Day Snacks. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

These jalapeño popper crisps have just the right amount of kick to get your party started off right! Plus they are Keto friendly, so don't be afraid to indulge.

This is a fix it and forget it hit! 3 Ingredients to wow your hungry football crowd AND it's an easy slow-cooker clean up. That's a win-win!

These sheet pan nachos are going to be a huge hit! Easy to make and the cheesier the better!

This cheese boat is a for sure winner! It's got everything you could ask for in a dip- just add chips!

Hot wings are a must have at any football gathering! This classic recipe will be sure to be a hit.

Guacamole is the highlight of any game day celebration! And having the right guac recipe will make your hungry crowd go wild.

These aren't your regular pigs in a blanket! These pretzel dogs are reminiscent of your favorite stadium foods and are sure to bring the game front and center to your living room.

Mac & Cheese is a must have dish for any party! Make it into fried bite size snacks and you'll really score big!

Continuing with the fried theme, up next are a classic- Fried Pickles! Make sure you stock up on these bad boys and if you have an air fryer it will save you on time and oil!

And for our #1 Football game day snack Cheeseburger Sliders!! This is a hit to knock out hunger and satisfy the fans! Easy to make, with lots of optional toppings you can serve these with any of our other game day snacks and come out a winner!

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