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How To Thank A Veteran


Veterans Day is coming up! This is the day we humbly acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of our nations bravest. Their service is a willing sacrifice for our country, our liberties, and our safety. Today, less than 1% of those who are military eligible will serve our country. They deserve all of our thanks and gratitude.

While this day is set aside across the United States to honor and thank our veterans, there are many ways you can show your gratitude throughout the year.

1. Give to veteran organizations and charities.

There are many amazing charities and organizations that are committed to helping our veterans such as building homes for the disabled to finding service dogs for those suffering from PTSD or serious injury. Supporting these charities is a great way for you to show and say thank you to the veteran population.

2. Support veteran-run businesses.

Entrepreneurship is the American dream and none deserve a chance to succeed at this dream more than those who sacrificed to make it available for others. Buying from or investing in a veteran-run business supports not only the veteran, but the community as well, and is a great way to give back.

3. Support the spouses of service members.

Veterans make a great sacrifice to serve this country, as do their spouses and families. Many spouses take up the mantle of home keeper, parent, and financial supporter when their veterans are either injured, deployed, or deceased. You can support these amazing families by purchasing from their small businesses or giving them the opportunity for gainful employment. You will not find a harder worker, or more thankful employee than a military spouse.

4. Say a simple thank you.

When you don't have the means or resources to do any of the things mentioned above, more than anything, a veteran appreciates a simple and sincere thank you. Show your appreciation today and every day for the wonderful men and women of our past and present United States armed forces.

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