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Holiday Tablescape

Thanksgiving week is officially upon us. By this point the menus have been planned, the guest list confirmed, and the excitement is starting to build for all the fun to be had! One of our favorite things is to set aside a little time to prepare a fun centerpiece or artful display of greenery as a final touch for a festive table. It really isn’t as complicated as you might think, just keep it simple.

We have found that a great centerpiece starter comes from the southern magnolia tree. Stems of magnolias are easy to work with, they take up a decent amount of space so you don’t need tons of them, and are the perfect base for adding in a few pops of color if you so choose.

The most important thing before you start working on a centerpiece is to know your table! Can your table hold a large centerpiece and still have room for the plates and glasses to comfortably fit on the table? If you have a narrow table, you will need to be a little more aware of the size of the container and how far the foliage and flowers reach across the table. If you find yourself with a narrow table, do not fret. Consider multiple small vases or candlesticks running down the center of your table and tuck in greenery here and there to add some fullness to the look.

Image via The White Buffalo Styling Co

Also, try to use what you already have and reimagine it in a new way that will add extra interest to make for a creative centerpiece. Another idea is using bookends, such as horeseheads, on either side of the arrangement. We recently came across this stunning arrangement.

The actual container that is holding the arrangement is a $2 plastic dish. This arrangement is stunning! Not everything has to be expensive to be fabulous. Strategically placed leaves and moss covered the base and now only you know how inexpensive a centerpiece like this can be.

There are many different things that pair well with the greenery that can be found in our area, and if you don’t have a magnolia tree or two in your yard to use, just ask a friend! Some really great pops of color can come from pomegranates, red and green apples, white pumpkins, and gourds of various sizes, shapes and colors. Each of these items are easily found in the grocery store this time of year. Other options are sunflowers, roses, thistle, rosemary and kale. Pick items that will compliment your dishes or the pattern in your china. Add a few unscented votives in groups of three or candlesticks in a few groupings, and the glow from the flame will make your table look a little more special.

Use what you love and don’t be afraid to get creative. Most importantly take the time to be thankful for the people that will soon be filling the seats around your table and the chance to spend time with each of them.

We hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving full of family, friends, fun, food and flowers! Be sure to post pictures of your centerpieces and tablescapes. We can’t wait to see your creations!

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