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Photography Release Information

Old Town has provided a unique backdrop for commercial and/or professional photographers. Old Town does not prohibit this type of work but reserves the right to restrict or limit access to the site within its sole discretion.

In all instances photographers must complete and sign the single-use photograph application, general release, and initial the conditions form and abide by all rules and conditions of the site. Photographers must carry a copy of form approved by Old Town Residential Inc. on any and all photography sessions at Old Town.

Old Town Residential, LLC. 2900 Warm Springs Road, Columbus, GA 31904



Old Town Columbus reserves the right to reject any application within its sole discretion. Old Town management will co-sign and return a copy to user(s). Photographers must carry copy of form approved by Old Town Residential, Inc. on any and all photography sessions at Old Town. 

Old Town Photography Guidelines & Regulations

1. All commercial/professional photographers must pre-register with Old Town before shooting and include a complete description of activities and the intended use of the images produced. While shooting, photographers must keep a copy of application, signed by an Old Town representative, with them at all times.

2. No weekend access will be granted to photographers who have not pre-registered during the week.

3. Unless otherwise specified, the credit line should read: Old Town Columbus – Columbus, GA

4. Old Town reserves the right to one complimentary copy of the publication/video/film/photograph in which an object or structure of its collection appears. Immediately upon completion the publication/video/film/photograph should be sent to Old Town Columbus at

5. Old Town reserves the right to include the complimentary copy into its permanent collection with full access and exhibition rights, citing the producer/photographer with full credit status for the work.

6. Permission is granted for a single use only, such as one publication of a single edition, or a single commercial as described on the application. Each subsequent or revised usage must be re-approved.

7. Old Town does not guarantee access to a particular location on its site.

8. Old Town does not grant exclusive rights for reproduction. 

By signing this application, you are acknowledging our guidelines and agreeing to follow them.  

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