Craftsman Expanded Plan


3 Bedroom + Den/Office | 3.5 Baths

2,707 sqft

The Craftsman plan seen here is a modified version between Archiscapes' very popular Craftsman and Craftsman Cottage plans. This version is slightly longer than the typical Cottage, but not as big as the full Craftsman. In this version, the clients wanted a master bedroom on the first floor and expanded the den upstairs. The clients also took the daring step of going with red cabinets in the kitchen - which really works well with the Craftsman style of the home. What's more, they had fun with the power bath and crafted their own plumbing fixtures using a galvanized bucket and stool purchased from local shops. It's definitely a fun house. 

© 2021 by Tabbed Creative for Old Town Columbus. Photo credits to John Pyle Photography, Tabbed CreativeEliza Morrill Photography, and Woodruff Brokerage Company. Are you wanting to have a photoshoot at Old Town? All photographers must click here and view our PHOTOGRAPHY RELEASE.

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