Pumpkin Seed Delights!

October 24, 2018

You’ve done it! You’ve cut and carved, scooped and scraped, designed and created the most perfect front porch Halloween pumpkins. They are all set and ready for the little ones on Halloween night. But now you’re left with a giant bowl of ooey-gooey covered pumpkin seeds and somehow the idea of cleaning, rinsing, and roasting them doesn’t sound all that appetizing. What if we were to tell you there is more than one way to carve a pumpkin? Or in this case, roast pumpkin seeds! 


Roasted pumpkin seeds are almost as much of a fall tradition as the ghoulish looking pumpkins. And just like it’s so much fun to plan unique faces to carve, it can be just as fun to come up with creative ideas for those delicious little snacky seeds!


Bake them! What says fall more than caramel, pumpkin,and nuts? This Salted Caramel Nut Brittle will have you running to the store for more pumpkins to carve and treats to eat!



Pumpkin seeds can be savory! Check out these delicious Cheddar Biscuits with Dill & Pumpkin Seeds. These would make a great addition to any meal!


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski 


Pumpkin seeds can be creative!  Try dyeing them and create colorful mosaics and pictures.




Hopefully, you’re inspired to get baking, cooking, or crafting with these amazing fall treats! If not, a pan of seeds roasted your favorite way is always a fun, fall treat!

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